Friday, October 1, 2010


Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit!! 

(click here to learn more about this fun superstition)  
Happy October 1st!  October just so happens to be my favorite month!!! 

Today's rabbit goodness comes from one of the cutest plush shops ever! - Sleepy King

I will be back later with some Friday Favorites!!!
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  1. FIRST!!!!!

    OK moving on, I totally said "white rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit" this morning!!! Greg said "wha???" So I HAD to tell him the story behind it, and then he said it - a bit of a tongue twister for him, but it started my October off with a giggle!!

  2. Summer- I LOVE it!!!! Now you will have the best of luck this month!! & I always knew I was a positive influence on you, no matter what you say...first the coco-coffee, now this?! Next you will be doing positive affirmations in the mirror...

  3. How cute!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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