Friday, October 22, 2010

Hey Friday!!!

I seriously can't believe it's Friday already! There is no doubt that time flies when you are having fun!!! I've been a busy little bee & haven't made much computer time for myself (or my little blog)!  One thing is for sure...I am definitely loving life & the opportunities that have been presenting themselves lately!! I also know a few other things for sure like...

my new knitting bag arrived today & well, I'm already in love with her.  

this photo is one of my all-time favs of my Creed, pretty sure he's the most adorable thing ever!  I used some of our mustache-y photos in my Halloween decorating this year...
(wish I could shrink him down & put him in my pocket)

these little-big pumpkins have been calling my name all week, can't wait to carve them tomorrow! 

& the last thing I know for sure....a bang trim can indeed make you feel like a million dollars! 

Happy Happy Friday!  This afternoon I am working on some little Halloween-y muffin/cupcake toppers to go on some yummy Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins I am making for our little carving get together tomorrow.  The toppers are super easy & fun & only require a printer, paper & some scissors!! I will definitely share later!!! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! xoxo. Pin It


  1. The fringe is looking awesome - mine badly need a trim again, already! The bag looks fab and it's so lovely to hear you're having such a fun time doing what you love. Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. You feel it and you look it! Your trim turned out great - those bangs look pro!

  3. Hi Meghan! Love your blog! I received a pair of your delightful booties as a gift and I had to see the woman behind the work! All details from the packaging to the shoes themselves show a lot of care and craftsmanship. Now I see you're exceptionally stylish, to "boot"! Best wishes to you with your fabulous shop!

    I love your bangs.
    And how happy this post is.

  5. your bangs look amazing! so cute!
    love that bag!


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