Tuesday, October 5, 2010

future acquisitions

I have been daydreaming today about acquiring a record player.  As a result I have been lightly stalking craigslist & ebay & have actually found some reasonably priced working players, so my dream might become a reality sooner than I thought!  Here are some photo inspirations care of weheartit.

In other news: days go by sooooo much faster when you work for yourself, I am actually finding myself wishing for more time when I used to wish for 6pm to hurry & come.  No doubt I much prefer it this way...time to take little Olive for a walk & then dinner with the husband! Happy Tuesday!!! xo. 

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  1. record players are the best, the hubs and i love to listen to music on ours than anything else

  2. I found that too when I was made redundant. I dreamed of being a stay at home wife (for a few days a week anyway) and having the house spick and span! Nowadays I'm lucky if I vaccum and do the dishes!

  3. good luck on the record hunt and glad to hear the days are going by fast, that happens when you are happy and productive - go you!

  4. omg that would be sooo cool if u got an old vintage record player!!! glad to hear you are being more productive, can't wait to see new designs!

  5. Elisa - I can't wait to do the same!! I just love the way they sound!

    Sophie - I know, it's crazy, time flies! I thought I would at least have more time to cook better dinners?!? I guess you just do what you can... :)

    Jaclyn - Thanks! It's so true...I haven't felt this productive & creative in forever!

    Sandy - I can't wait to find the right player & start collecting my fav albums on vinyl!! So fun! Hopefully I'll be getting out some new colors & designs soon! Thanks!


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