Friday, October 29, 2010

friday favorites

[a few of my favorite things - iphone edition]

Okay, so as much as I try to hide it...I am intensely in love with my iphone.  I never thought I would be labeled as a person who couldn't live without her cell phone...but indeed it is true, the love is real & there is no denying.  It fulfills so many roles for me, my personal assistant (it keeps me on task), my best friend (we laugh, we cry...) & my confidante (it keeps good my bank account balance)! 

I thought I would list some of my favorite apps in this special friday favorites - iphone edition! 
So here we go, in no particular order, because it would just be too hard to choose...

Shakeit photo is one of my go-to camera apps, it produces images as close to a real instant camera as possible & therefore is near & dear to my heart. (it also has real polaroid-ish sound effects & a shake to develop feature) Very exciting! 

Crossprocess is my newest love, made by the same company as Shakeit Photo, it emulates one of my favorite analog film techniques, cross processing! 

Instagram is an easy fun way to share photos with friends or on social networking sites like twitter & facebook.  It also has nifty filters to make your photos look more like analog film as well.

So when it comes to business & keeping all my ducks in a row...I use Awesome Note.  Because it is exactly that...awesome.  The layout & design is easy to use & easy on the eyes.  I use this to keep a to-do list of all my upcoming orders & with the ability to make due dates, etc. for myself I always stay on track.  It's also a simple way to jot down all my ideas when I am on the go, it even includes a place for photos for inspiration & such. 

There isn't a *magic* etsy app, at least for shop owners, just yet.  But Etsy addict & Etsy shop tools both give me basic information on my etsy shop, I can read feedback, relist items & see who hearts my shop &/or individual items.  These work great in the meantime, but I'm still holding out for an app made especially for sellers. 

I use the free version of mobile rss to keep up with all my favorite blogs through google reader.  The layout is simple & effective & provides me with a great time filler if I get held up at the post office or in long lines, etc. :) 

& lastly to unwind & sometimes get wound up (it's an addictive & frustratingly fun game) I play Angry Birds.  Basically you use your logic & mad skillz to catapult angry birds to demolish fortresses.  

Well now you know about my not-so-secret love affair with my iphone & some of weaknesses/time killers!  I hope everyone is having a Happy Happy Friday & has awesome plans for Halloween weekend!! As for the Perry household, we are going to start off our festivities with our annual trip to PUGFEST!!! Yes that's right, its a festival just for PUGS!! Little Olive is beyond excited...I will definitely be posting all about it later!! hugs & cheek pecks! 

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  1. Oh man, I am addicted to the Angry Birds app too!

    If you ever get a chance, you should check out the (free!) Rigor Tortoise app. It's designed by a comedy team with really great little video shorts that are perfect "bite-sized" entertainment on the go. It's also near/dear to my heart because I happen to be married to one of those funny guys :)

    I wrote all about it here:

    Have a great weekend, friend! I must say that, as a new follower, your sweet blog is quickly becoming one of my favorite reads.

  2. i love all these! i'm glad i'm not the only one addicted to my iphone :) haha

  3. Oh dear, this was not a good post to read right now. I am so in the dark ages when it comes to my mobile phone (and i kinda liked it like that). My phone has no camera, no internet no nothing. I can call and text. That's it. But lately i've been really craving a phone with a camera (for blog reasons) and i'm so tempted by an i-phone. My husband thinks it's overrated, but the brilliant apps just sound awesome. Hence why this was not a good post for me. You're persuading me to get one even more!! Hehe!
    Pugfest sounds like it was made for you guys, have an awesome time and a spooky Halloween xx

  4. Awesome Note is my LIFE SAVER. I love love LOVE that app! It's just so pretty, user friendly, and has so many cool features!

    ♥ Oh iPhone, how i love thee


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