Friday, October 15, 2010

friday favorites

[a few of my favorite things from the past week]

My candy corn inspired nails!!! 
Which leads me to...

this candy corn pug hat!!!! *in love* Jessica Lynne Art

OVERSIZED knits by YesJess 
Am I the only one dying over that HUGE pom pom?!?!

The copious amounts of chai tea I have consumed.  

& lastly even though it hasn't happened yet 
my Friday dinner date with my Handsome will no doubt top the favorites list off.  

Happy Happy Friday to all!  I hope everyone has awesome weekend plans.  Mine may or may not include climbing a small mountain, adding some new cuteness to the Mr. Mustache collection & pumpkin patch-ing it.  hugs & cheek pecks! 

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  1. Oh, you're too cute. I HAVE CANDY CORN NAILS RIGHT NOW TOO! Crazy. But not completely the same.
    Love fall and the pumpkin patch!
    You and your man are adorable together. :]

  2. i LOVE that huge pompom. how cute! have a great weekend. :)

  3. candy corn nails?! too cute!
    I need one of those hats for my pups!!

  4. I'm with you - that huge pom-pom is awesome. I spent last night making pom-poms to go on each corner of the scarf I've knitted for one of my nephews for Christmas. You've got to love a good pom-pom!
    Have an awesome weekend xx

  5. What an awesome week you must have had with such great inspirations :) I hope the Friday night date was everything you hoped for! x

  6. I love when I get the chance to catch up on your blog posts!!! love everything! you are so beautiful!


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