Friday, October 8, 2010

friday favorites

[a few of my favorite things from the past week]

1.  Danielle Thompson from Thompson Family Life took her readers on a mini-home tour this week.  & can I just say it knocked my socks off a little...I love seeing uniquely done homes that reflect the people that live in them.  & although I don't know Danielle personally she hit this one out of the ball park!  That little lady has some serious fun style!

2. This guest post by Hula Seventy on Poppytalk made me all sorts of excited to find a fun way to display my ever-growing collection of vintage cameras.  This photo by Tim Melideo Photography is no doubt one of my favorite examples, so simple yet amazing! (I need that hot pink camera :) ) 

3. I found the post Six Success Secrets With the When I Grow Up Coach on Etsy's blog to be delightfully enlightening...Michelle Ward shares her secret of taking the leap & doing what you love. 
One of my fav parts: 
"Be You. Whoever that is. Be you unapologetically, authentically, quirkily, sweetly, vulnerably. Be the you who wears blue nail polish to a business meeting. Be the you who says "amazeballs" so much you're known for it."  
Check it won't be disappointed! 

4. & lastly since October (& Halloween specifically) are my favorites!! I have been throughly enjoying my decor!  I will post some more/better photos later!   

Happy Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!
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  1. Wow, the home tour was fun!:D Thanks for sharing the link.:D

    Have a wonderful weekend, Meghan!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Oh my lord, your Halloween décor is simply divine. I love the way you've decorated your mantelpiece! Awesome.
    And you should totally display your vintage camera collection like that...such a cool idea!! xx


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