Friday, October 1, 2010

friday favorites

[a few of my favorite things from the past week]

1. This post by Hula Seventy about their trip to the Wigwam Inn made me want to jump in the car, husband & pug in tow, & go there as fast as I could...ahhhh-mazing! Her photos (especially her polaroids) always make me giddy! 

2. These cross processed images taken with a Diana camera made my little heart skip a beat!! Naomi Megan from the Rockstar Diaries is not only absolutely adorable but she knows how to rock a Diana! (I still haven't gotten my first roll developed from my mini D, shame on me) 

The above posts were actually made last friday, but I am just now getting caught up on all my favorite blogs! Which leads me to my third favorite thing this week:

3.  My *NEW* schedule!! It is just now sinking in that I am in total control of my "work" week & with that control comes more free time.  This week I was able to squeeze in a trip to the carnival, dinner with friends, puppy walks, husband snugglin' & mid afternoon power naps AND still get lots of orders finished.  & for that I can not be more thankful & appreciative of where I am in my life right now!  

Happy Happy Friday!! I am so looking forward to an amazing weekend!!

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  1. Yay! Cool feature to have!

    so stoked for you having your own work schedule, what a dream come true! Do you just work on pleasantly plumps or do you have other craft things you sell??

  2. such a great feeling to take control of your life - plus you can embrace the nana nap to power you through the day and be super productive

  3. Your work schedule is so cool. I'd love to have naps...I just get to 3.30pm and need to sleep some days!! Hope you're having an awesome weekend xxx

  4. Sophie- Right now its just Pleasantly Plump, but I have some other ideas of things I want to we shall see!

    Jaclyn- Nana nap?!?! I *LOVE* it! That's my new favorite phrase! :) & it's amazing what a little nana nap can do for you...All I need is 20 min. & then I am can power through into the night!

    Nell- I'm certain now that every work environment should employ an afternoon power makes me so much more productive!


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