Thursday, October 7, 2010

cozy knit cozy

This cooler weather has me wanting to wrap myself (& everything else) up in some knitted goodness.  I wouldn't mind all the belongings in my house covered in knitted cozies...there's just something about the texture that is so warm & inviting.  I'm pretty sure I am going to have to try & make some of my own knitted jar cozies after seeing these:

From the amazing Dottie Angels blog

From SFGirlByBay's beautiful blog

I would love a whole shelf full!! So pretty & texture-ful!  Also, in my search for other cozy-ed items I found these - (I love the idea of key mittens :) !!)

Posted on Craftzine & made by Bettie Sonics - so so fun!!!!

& for those of you who don't knit or crochet here are some other fun cozies that you can purchase (all from Etsy, of course!) 

From KnitStorm's amazing shop

From JacquelineKnits's fun shop

Pretty sure my iphone needs this!!!  From Sleevy's awesome shop

Hope everyone is having an amazing Thursday-Almost-Friday!!!! This week has flown by!! Tomorrow I will be back with Friday Favorites...that may or may not include some sneak peeks of my halloween-y house!

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  1. I am so going to try those jar cosies. Awesome. And i'm in the process of making a iPod Touch case for B. He's been bugging me for one! What lovely knitted things! xx

  2. Love the jar cozy idea! I've been looking for something to put all my knitting needles into, and was going to sew a wrap up, but of course, why not knit something!! Brilliant idea :)

  3. I love the booties in your etsy shop! They are gorgeous - and so is your blog. Glad I came to check it out x

  4. Nell - sounds fun! I'm really wanting to try my hand at making some key cozies!

    Sophie - I have all my knitting needles displayed in vases!! I love getting to see them all, I definitely need to make the vases some cozies too!

    Maria - So glad you stopped by!! Welcome! I appreciate your sweet words!


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