Wednesday, September 29, 2010

vintage letter fun!

As if I need something new to collect, I have decided to fill my walls around my fireplace with vintage letters.  I think it will help fulfill my growing obsession with typography...& well I just found (& bought) a little vintage "C" so of course I will need more to go with it!

Here are some fun examples:

Here's an amazing diy on DesignSponge to make your own lighted letter (so fun!!) 

& here's, of course, some super fun finds from Etsy...

Oh I am so in love with this first big one!! 

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is almost here! I'm going to a local carnival tonight, I'm super excited!  The weather is perfect, it should be a blast!!! hugs & pecks 

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  1. I love letters like these. So cool! I really want a B & N for us ... Etsy is so the place to search! I'm off now..thanks for the tip! xx

  2. Ohhhh this is oh so cute. May I link this up to my weekly surf??!!

    (super cute blog btw!)

  3. Nell- I got carried away looking at letters on etsy (for a few hours, oops:) ) I can't wait to build up my collection! A "B & N" would be so cute for your guys bedroom...

    Chelsea- Thank you!! & of course, please, link away! :)

  4. very super cute! Love the letters, cool look :)

  5. I love your blog and your knits! So super cute, Im going to grab your button by the way :)

  6. oh wow, i LOVE this idea~!!! love all the different fonts too!

  7. Sophie & Sandy- Thanks! I love all the different fonts too!

    Elisa- Welcome! & thanks for your kind words!

  8. ohh letters are so fun! i just got two from a vintage store a little while ago and put them up, and now i really want to get more!


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