Monday, September 20, 2010

thank you!

Thank you to everyone who left such sweet & encouraging words about my new adventure! I am super excited & hope to document some of my journey as a handmade small business owner here on my blog.  I always love encountering new phases in life & I truly appreciate all the support!

Here is a small list of things that inspired me this past week!

*this print by Valentina Ramos, it seemed fitting for my particular situation. (thank you Tiffany for posting!)

*this blog post by I Go By Katie.  Her blog is one of my newest favorites, so I was thrilled beyond words (to say the least) to see she had mentioned me! (thank you Katie)

*& this Friday post by Freckled Nest that included this little pug lady named Lucy...(I melt for sweet pug faces) Leigh-Ann is doing a new Fuzzy Friday Feature on her blog; I submitted miss Olive of course, fingers crossed she gets featured.

I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished this week...number one on my list is to catch up on my bootie orders & hopefully get some new ideas hammered out for upcoming blog posts & new bootie ideas!  October is right around the corner (time is flying) I can't wait to start decorating for Halloween!  Happy Monday! ♥ Pin It


  1. We are so excited for you!! Congrats! I am in LOVE with the quote on your page today!! We know you will do amazing!! We love you lots! XXOO
    Kate and Trebor

  2. Good luck and congratulations!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Seriosuly man, I am one jealous bunny! You've inspired me to really get going on my knitting even more and the respomse i've been getting to some of the things i've done has been pretty encouraging. I really look forward to following your story, I know you'll make a massive success of it all!
    ps. I checked out I Go by Katie a few weeks ago through the link on your blog and i love that site. Was very excited for you when I saw your little booties on there! Hope you had an awesome weekend xxx

  4. Marie- Thank you!!!! :)

    Nell- You are the sweetest!! I am so glad to hear that you are knitting up a storm! I want to see some of your work!!! xo.

  5. So jealous! I just found your blog, so I'm late to wishing you good luck, but enjoy crafting for a living. One day, hopefully I'll get there too!

  6. yay! I just signed up for blog spot so now i can have my page looking all pretty and such! :) just added you to my inspirations part (you definitely inspired that!)

  7. So very excited for you and can't wait to follow you as you document your journey as well..and I also can't wait to have another baby just so I can put pleasantly plump knits on him/her! :) Or at least have a new baby in the family..a niece..nephew...cousin? something! I need more of your booties! :)


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