Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I always get tattoo fever around this time of year, I guess because I got my first tattoo in the fall...
It's been on my mind lately & I'm fairly certain I want my next one to involve knitting.  A scarlet letter, if you will, of my not-so-secret love affair with those two needles & a ball of yarn...

Here are some fun inspirational, crafty tattoos!

Hmmm...makes me want another one!! ♥

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  1. that measuring tape bow is pretty !

  2. just landed on your blog & i love it here! i think i'll stay awhile :) SUCH a cute etsy shop too. i have baby fever even more now. so thanks for that ;) xo.

  3. The sewing machine across the chest is insane! My husband and I are saving for tattoos to symbolise our marriage. Still haven't decided on a design, but i'm thinking two little love birds ... it's a scary thought though. Especially as i'm such a wimp! xx

  4. oh wow! That's dedication! I think the ball of yarn with two needles through it, ala skull n crossbones, is kinda played out. I'd like to see something a little more clever.

  5. Alycia- I definitely think the measuring tape bow is so sweet (& really well done)

    Molly June- (LOVE your name) So glad you found me!! I totally know the feeling, I don't know how I've resisted a baby this long...Thank you for your comment & for following!! :)

    Nell- That's exactly what I said about the sewing chest piece...pretty amazing. Your tattoo idea is so sweet, I have a bird on my wrist and LOVE it!! & mine didn't hurt bad enough that it would stop me from getting another.

    Kashurst- I don't mind the two needles in the yarn, if it's done well. But when I am ready to get one I definitely want it to be unique & to fit my personality! Thanks for your comment!

  6. i love these! i really want a sewing tattoo sometime but i have no idea what i want or anything. i should probably get to planning it! :)

  7. What tattoos do you have now Meghan? I am very interested! Always wanted one..but never could commit :)

    I also am crushing on the tape measure bow! adorable!

  8. Ali- I am still in the planning phase too, haven't thought of the perfect design just yet...

    Tiffany- I actually only have one so far, I have a traditional sparrow on my left wrist (& I love it)I have to practice self control with the whole tattoo subject, I'm afraid I would end up covered...ha! & that bow is beyond precious!!


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