Sunday, September 12, 2010

sunday girl crush

I am still trying to soak up as much of my weekend as I can...but I had to share one my (long time) girl crushes.  I have been listening to Jenny Lewis in all her glory today while working in my studio.  Her new album with boy-toy Johnathan Rice is becoming a fast favorite.  Jenny & Johnny will be coming to my city in October, pretty sure husband & I will be in attendance.

Swoon...I love her style!!!  Did everyone enjoy their weekend?! Pin It


  1. In an alternate universe I would have worn that white dress with my hair just like that on our wedding day. Her style rocks! xx

  2. Cute blog!
    I love Jenny Lewis :)
    You have a new follower!
    xo, Jamie

  3. Nell- I thought the same thing!! It would make a super fun wedding dress!!

    Jamie- Yay!! Thank you!! I love your blog as well! You are adorable!


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