Tuesday, September 14, 2010

moving and shaking

Here's some proof that I actually achieved some of my long list of weekend fun...

puppy snuggling.  I mean could you resist that face?!

frozen yogurt indulging.  & can I just say...I love that Creed always gets the bigger cup.  I like to think my little yogurt cup feels just as safe next to the big cup as I do next to my "big" husband.

I felt like my weekend was a blur, things are moving and shaking in the Perry household.  There are so many fun exciting things on the horizon.  I will be sharing some of this exciting news in the coming days. Little hint...it has to do with my little business and it kinda makes me want to do a little happy dance but its pretty big news! (for me anyways)  ♥ xo.

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  1. That sweet puppy face!
    I loveee frozen yogurt and ours looks the same way. :] Big husbands are the best!

    You are way too cute. WAY.

  2. ohh! exciting news?! what could it be? i'm intrigued. your booties are DIVINE. so i'm sure you're gonna go big time. either now or later. itsa comin.' :)

  3. I love pugs!!! Can't wait to hear your news! :)

  4. Oh, I'm so intrigued to hear about these exciting developments! Whatever they are you totally deserve them. And that pug of yours has the cutest little face. And how awesome are husbands??!! xxx

  5. Can't wait to hear your news!! Hopefully someones going to give you a massive grant to spend the rest of your life making booties for lots of money :D

    Have you seen my booties before?? Thats how I sort of came across your page (well, across your Etsy), except when people buy mine, i also make a pair and am donating them to african children! It's really cool, but means I make like, nooo money compared to the amount of time I spent knitting. Any ideas?! haha

    Check out my small selection: www.sophielm.wordpress.com/shop

    Would appreciate your advice!

  6. Bebe Bird, Molly June, Lauren & Nell- You guys are the sweetest!!!! I'm afraid now that my news is really only exciting to me, haha! I guess I would make a good hype man. :) I will share soon! xoxo.

    Sophielm- You are too amazing! You donate one pair to african children every order!?! That is awesome! You're booties are precious! Have you tried contacting yarn stores/companies & asking for yarn donations?! It would at least help with yarn costs...I'm thinking you're the one that deserves the massive grant! xo.

  7. Thanks Meghan :) appreciate the kind words, and thats actually a pretty good idea! I will definitely try that one :)


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