Monday, September 27, 2010

monday mood board

I have always loved making mood boards to help with my designs & I thought it would be fun to make one today as I am really starting to get into an Autumn mood.  It has been cooler today & rainy (I love this kind of weather!! Perfect for knitting!)  

Here are the things that I am really feeling lately:


*Decorating with wheat

*Baking (especially with apples & pecans...yum!)

*Fall color Palette 

This week I plan on settling into my new work routine, finishing up some orders, making some new fun prototypes, starting my halloween decorating & working on the backdrop for our halloween cards!!! I am so excited!! 

*image sources: 
Decorating with wheat- 1. Dried Wheat Bundle 2. Wheat Centerpiece
Baking-1. Apron 2. Apple Pie 3. Pecan Pie 4. Plates

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  1. Yup! I pretty much love everything on this page! Especially the colour palette - those are some perfect autumnal colours right there! I linked to your blog in my post of Friday, hope that was ok! Hope you're settling into your new working life too xx

    2. I am your new follower!
    3. I pretty much adore this post.
    4. Have a great Monday! :)

  3. Very funky!! I find it crazy that all the blogs lately have been looking forward to autumn!! Everyone must have had a crazy hot summer or something. Personally (from NZ) I can't WAIT for summer to begin!!


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