Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carnival Fun!!

One of my very favorite things about Fall is......the carnival!! There is one every year right around the corner from my house!  We went last night with some friends & it was so much fun!!!  I'm pretty much in love with everything about carnivals...the lights, bright color scheme, sounds, smells (funnel cake, yum!!). We even got to witness a human canon ball - it blew my mind a little!!!

Tomorrow I will be introducing a new blog feature "Friday Favorites," can't wait!  Also, not sure if you've heard but tomorrow is October 1st!!!!  That means the Halloween decorations will be coming out and the celebrating will begin! I *love* October!!!

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  1. Wow! Are these photos real?? Carnivals like this actually exist?? I thought that only happens in movies hahaha! That is AWESOME! You are living the american dream girly :p

  2. This looks so awesome! What fun you must have had!! I can't wait to see some pictures of your decorations...i want to hang something autumnal from our mantlepiece but can't quite decided what and i need some inspiration! xx

  3. Sophie- haha! The photos are indeed real (I took them myself) & the carnival is simply magical every year! :) Makes me feel like a kid again!

    Nell- Oh it was so so fun!! I'll definitely try to get some photos of the house when I'm done decorating!


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