Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carnival Fun!!

One of my very favorite things about Fall is......the carnival!! There is one every year right around the corner from my house!  We went last night with some friends & it was so much fun!!!  I'm pretty much in love with everything about carnivals...the lights, bright color scheme, sounds, smells (funnel cake, yum!!). We even got to witness a human canon ball - it blew my mind a little!!!

Tomorrow I will be introducing a new blog feature "Friday Favorites," can't wait!  Also, not sure if you've heard but tomorrow is October 1st!!!!  That means the Halloween decorations will be coming out and the celebrating will begin! I *love* October!!!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

vintage letter fun!

As if I need something new to collect, I have decided to fill my walls around my fireplace with vintage letters.  I think it will help fulfill my growing obsession with typography...& well I just found (& bought) a little vintage "C" so of course I will need more to go with it!

Here are some fun examples:

Here's an amazing diy on DesignSponge to make your own lighted letter (so fun!!) 

& here's, of course, some super fun finds from Etsy...

Oh I am so in love with this first big one!! 

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is almost here! I'm going to a local carnival tonight, I'm super excited!  The weather is perfect, it should be a blast!!! hugs & pecks 

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Monday, September 27, 2010

monday mood board

I have always loved making mood boards to help with my designs & I thought it would be fun to make one today as I am really starting to get into an Autumn mood.  It has been cooler today & rainy (I love this kind of weather!! Perfect for knitting!)  

Here are the things that I am really feeling lately:


*Decorating with wheat

*Baking (especially with apples & pecans...yum!)

*Fall color Palette 

This week I plan on settling into my new work routine, finishing up some orders, making some new fun prototypes, starting my halloween decorating & working on the backdrop for our halloween cards!!! I am so excited!! 

*image sources: 
Decorating with wheat- 1. Dried Wheat Bundle 2. Wheat Centerpiece
Baking-1. Apron 2. Apple Pie 3. Pecan Pie 4. Plates

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Monday, September 20, 2010

thank you!

Thank you to everyone who left such sweet & encouraging words about my new adventure! I am super excited & hope to document some of my journey as a handmade small business owner here on my blog.  I always love encountering new phases in life & I truly appreciate all the support!

Here is a small list of things that inspired me this past week!

*this print by Valentina Ramos, it seemed fitting for my particular situation. (thank you Tiffany for posting!)

*this blog post by I Go By Katie.  Her blog is one of my newest favorites, so I was thrilled beyond words (to say the least) to see she had mentioned me! (thank you Katie)

*& this Friday post by Freckled Nest that included this little pug lady named Lucy...(I melt for sweet pug faces) Leigh-Ann is doing a new Fuzzy Friday Feature on her blog; I submitted miss Olive of course, fingers crossed she gets featured.

I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished this week...number one on my list is to catch up on my bootie orders & hopefully get some new ideas hammered out for upcoming blog posts & new bootie ideas!  October is right around the corner (time is flying) I can't wait to start decorating for Halloween!  Happy Monday! ♥ Pin It

Friday, September 17, 2010

drumroll please....

I did it!! I took the leap, feet first, eyes closed & arms outstretched.  I will be pursuing Pleasantly Plump [Knits.] full time now!! This is big for me, it's two years of dreaming, planning & waiting big, it's waking up one morning & realizing nows the time big, it's being scared but finally not enough to deter me big!!!

Today freedom comes in the form of knowing my daily commute will consist of walking across the hall to my studio instead of driving for an hour in traffic, being able to work into the wee hours of the morning without paying for it the next day & knowing I was finally brave enough to try something I've dreamed about for years...

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my customers who may or may not know that their decision to buy handmade gives handmade artists & crafters like myself the ability to take the huge leap of faith & follow their dreams.  Today is a good day & life is definitely sweet!  Wish me luck!?!  

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tweet Tweet

I now have a Twitter page!! I've managed to resist it for this long but am looking forward to sharing my daily thoughts in 140 characters or less...follow me if you'd like by clicking here.

I am a busy little bee tonight, lots of orders to get out!  Is it the weekend yet?! ♥ Pin It

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

moving and shaking

Here's some proof that I actually achieved some of my long list of weekend fun...

puppy snuggling.  I mean could you resist that face?!

frozen yogurt indulging.  & can I just say...I love that Creed always gets the bigger cup.  I like to think my little yogurt cup feels just as safe next to the big cup as I do next to my "big" husband.

I felt like my weekend was a blur, things are moving and shaking in the Perry household.  There are so many fun exciting things on the horizon.  I will be sharing some of this exciting news in the coming days. Little has to do with my little business and it kinda makes me want to do a little happy dance but its pretty big news! (for me anyways)  ♥ xo.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

sunday girl crush

I am still trying to soak up as much of my weekend as I can...but I had to share one my (long time) girl crushes.  I have been listening to Jenny Lewis in all her glory today while working in my studio.  Her new album with boy-toy Johnathan Rice is becoming a fast favorite.  Jenny & Johnny will be coming to my city in October, pretty sure husband & I will be in attendance.

Swoon...I love her style!!!  Did everyone enjoy their weekend?! Pin It

Friday, September 10, 2010


Had a little Flickr moment today...Here are some pretty pretty inspirations (all shot using a Diana mini & found on Flickr) Can.not.wait to get my first roll of film back (maybe this weekend?!?)!

My weekend may or may not but probably most definitely will involve some-if-not-all of the following: 
job working, hair trimming, bootie knitting, pillow making, burrito eating,  husband hugging, frozen yogurt indulging, pug walking, picture taking, boot wearing, puppy snuggling, nap taking & memory making. 
whew...can't wait! Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I always get tattoo fever around this time of year, I guess because I got my first tattoo in the fall...
It's been on my mind lately & I'm fairly certain I want my next one to involve knitting.  A scarlet letter, if you will, of my not-so-secret love affair with those two needles & a ball of yarn...

Here are some fun inspirational, crafty tattoos!

Hmmm...makes me want another one!! ♥

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here's to you Mrs. Robinson

I got in a little movie watching time on Saturday night.  I happened to catch the 1967 classic The Graduate on Turner Classic Movies...this was actually the very very first time I have seen the movie (have I been living under a rock?!?! possibly...)

I loved the movie & now feel more complete as a person for having watched it. (ha!)  It was full of amazing awkward moments & fantastical 60's styling! & how can I forget practically the whole soundtrack is Simon & Garfunkel (my all time favorite musical duo).  It made me wish I could go back in time, the late 60's seemed like such an interesting time.  But since time travel isn't a reality just yet I will settle for some vintage garb.  Here are some beaut's I found on Etsy...

appropriately titled First Day of College

And if I ever get up the sewing nerve, maybe I will try my hand at making one of these...

Here's to you Mrs. Robinson indeed....

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