Sunday, August 15, 2010

sunday funday

It's a rainy, overcast day today - perfect for relaxing!!

I'm pretty sure my day will include lots of:
*tea drinking (my new fav is Tazo Focus so yummmy!)
*chick flick watching (it's a day for my go-to comfort movies)
*snugglin' with little Olive
*& of course lots of knitting.  I am working on the girlie counterpart to the Mr. Mustache bootie series, they may or may not but probably most definitely will involve the sweetest little bows!

what kind of fun are you having on your sunday funday?!?

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  1. is it weird that i sort of want to have a baby just get some of those super cute baby booties you make?
    DON'T CARE. haha. : )


  2. I loved looking at your blog!!! You're so cute! I'm dying over the new mustache booties...I want them so badly for big can you go? You are so talented!

  3. Lydia- haha, not weird at all!!! :) I think it's weirder that I have somehow managed to NOT have a baby with all these booties around's definitely tempting on a daily basis.

    Ann- thank you!! I just realized that I am wearing one of your amazing bow headbands (my fav) in the photo... :) so far 5 inches is as big as I go but I am working on toddler sizes, Jude can be my test subject! :)

  4. He wears about a 5 right now!!! I would love to trade...or just pay for them. (if it works) also, I can make that bow in any colors...So cute on you! I'm going to blog about your cute new booties!


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