Monday, August 2, 2010


My studio is now much more organized...I slept good last night knowing everything had it's "place."  It's getting increasingly harder to get me to come out of this little room of mine...(Creed bribes me to come out with hugs and frozen yogurt!)

I still have some little things I want to add to make the room complete but here are some photos of what I added this weekend.  (I used this easy, sweet tutorial to install my pegboard)

I will be back later to post a little shop update - pretty sure it is my favorite addition to date!  Super fun for Autumn!!  I can't wait... Pin It


  1. YAY!!! It looks awesome!!! But remember, your favorite season is Summer - always ;-)

  2. Oh a comment from "the" Summer?!?! I feel all sorts of special!! & I will compromise and say my 2nd favorite season is Summer... (thanks for your comment) :)

  3. Looks organized and cozy!:D
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