Wednesday, August 25, 2010

particularly pleasant

Here are a few things that made my heart skip a little beat today & made my Wednesday particularly pleasant...

1. Hello inspiration!!!!! These photos of Allister Ann's new home are simply breathtaking...makes me all the more motivated to really make my home my own.  I am a new follower to her blog...such an inspiration!!! Check out the rest of her gorgeous home photos here!

2.  Creed & I went on a walk after work with little Olive.  We talked about small things & big plans on how we can conquer the world (well "our" world anyway...) It's amazing how a 30 minute walk can comfort your soul.  

3.  These photos by Andrea of Hula Seventy made me stop in my tracks, they hold something magic indeed!  Her work is always so beautiful & I'm pretty sure these are Polaroids (even more in love). Check out the rest here

Wishing there were more hours in the day!!!! Goodnight & sweet magical dreams! ♥, M
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