Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My sweet Mini Dee

Every time I think my Mr. has reached the maximum level of awesomeness he always pulls something out of his hat to prove me wrong...this time it came in the form of a small surprise package that was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday!  He called it "Christmas in August,"  I call it "what did I ever do to deserve this man."

Upon opening the package I found this...that's right it's a Mini Diana, you may remember it from my Wish List post I made a couple of weeks ago.  My heart was singing....I'm pretty sure I squealed. I aptly named her "Mini Dee" & she will fit in so nicely with my ever growing collection of film cameras. I can't wait to take my very first roll of film with her & proudly wear her around my neck. 

 so proud....I have my very own sweet Mini Dee.  Life is sweet!


I see your most amazing awesome Christmas in August surprise sweet husband...& I will raise you a little surprise of my own. (too be continued.....) ♥ ♥

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  1. Oh I love the Mini Dianas! Your husband is so sweet :)

    Have fun with your new camera!

  2. Such a sweet husband! I think cameras make such great gifts..they are gifts that keep on giving! :) can't wait to see the pictures you take!

  3. I want Christmas in August. What an awesome gift, I love it when people know you so well that they know exactly your style and what you love.

  4. Carlotta - your blog & photos are amazing!! You are very talented!! Thank you very much for your comment!

    Tiffany - I think the same way about cameras & photos...they are like mini time capsules capturing memories. So fun!!

    Sarah - I wish everyone could have Christmas in August & maybe a puppy! :) It is so fun to get the perfect gift!! I definitely cherish it! Love your blog!


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