Saturday, August 14, 2010

My family is my heart

I have been thinking a lot about my family today & wishing I could be with them to help celebrate my big brother's 30th birthday!!! That's right the big 3-0!!! I think that technically makes him a grown up...although he may disagree.  He's always been the best brother a gal could ask for & there's never a dull moment when we are together.  He has quite the list of accomplishments in his 30 years -to name a few- he's a decorated military veteran, amazing husband & awesome dad to two great children. & let there be no doubt if there is ever a zombie invasion he will be team leader of our survival group! :)  Happy birthday brother, so proud of you!!

I also received this print in the mail this week as a surprise from my mom. (it's been an awesome week for snail mail surprises, its about time I start returning the favors-cue in one of my 4 simple goals

print from Ashley G's shop

My mom is the most creative person I know & has always been my #1 fan, motivator & inspiration.  She's an awesome artist & has taught me to follow my dreams. This print reminds me so much of the two of us...I can't look at it hanging on my wall with out smiling!  She's also *the best* snail mail pen pal & always sends me the most darling vintage photos. (thank you momma xoxo) 

There will definitely be some cupcake eating in my brother's honor tonight!!! Happy Saturday ♥ Pin It

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