Wednesday, August 18, 2010

melt my heart

I love love love getting to see sweet babes in my plump booties!! It seriously brightens my day beyond words...
I have added some customer photos to my Facebook fanpage!  Take a look & become a fan!  I will be adding more things to my page in the coming weeks (& offering some special fan discounts!)
Here is a peek at one of the customer photos...

Meet Isaac!! He is definitely in the running for Pleasantly Plump [Knits.] poster child!!  I love this photo!! Isaac is the handsome son of adorable Tiffany  & I love that she has shared these awesome photos of little Isaac sporting my booties!!  Please feel free to share your photos of sweet babies in Pleasantly Plump [Knits.] booties on Facebook!

Happy Wednesday!!! ♥ Pin It


  1. He's adorable!:D The booties look comfy.:D

    Happy Wednesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. awe!!! SO glad I'm getting to catch up on my blog could I have lived with myself if I missed this post! Thanks for the shout out! Isaac LOVES his pleasantly plump knits!

    Now, off to wake up the husband to go show him this blog post! :)


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