Monday, August 30, 2010

little slice of amazing

Pretty sure I am in love with this tiny tiny mini camera.  Okay so it may not work...but it does have detachable lenses & its beyond adorable.

Found here at Photojojo.  I am wondering how I didn't know about this website before...HELLO a fisheye or macro lens for my iphone?!?! I am willing to pay $20 to try that & wear it on a sweet little necklace.  I have died & gone to photo novelty heaven.   

A Fuji Wide Format instant camera!!!!!! SWOOON! This is REAL & I am in love!  (*serious wink wink to anyone who wants to know what to get me for Christmas) 

So if you are a camera/photography fan don't go to the Photojojo store unless you want your mind blown. (I'll take one of everything...)  Good night & sweet photo dreams! Pin It


  1. I have one of the white Fuji Instant cameras - my amazing hubby had it shipped over from Japan for me last Christmas - it is a seriously awesome thing. Go get it lady! xx

  2. Now you've just fueled my instant camera mania even more, Nell.... :) I will be saving up my pennies for this for sure!!! xo.


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