Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Miss Bow

I had a feeling the Mr. Mustache baby booties were getting lonely so I made them some sweet girlie friends - meet the Little Miss Bow baby booties - now in the shop!

I had a great Monday!! Got a little work done, was lucky enough to eat lunch & spend my day with sweet husband  & I still managed to squeeze in a walk with little Olive.  ♥
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  1. I love these! They are just perfect..and they make me think of hello kitty...which I love too :) I really, really need a little person for that blue pair. Great work once again! I'm so happy you had a great Monday!

  2. I said the same thing about them reminding me of Hello Kitty to my husband! haha! I *love* hello kitty :) Thanks! Hope you have a great week!! xo.

  3. Too cute!:D
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