Tuesday, August 31, 2010

in the nick of time

Creed received his "Christmas in August" present this morning & boy was I cutting it close...on the last day of August.  Whew!! Just in time.

What was it, you might be asking?!?! Well I've heard that the way to some men's hearts is through their stomach...my Creed is different, I am fairly certain that the way to his heart is through his xbox. (ha!)  So I got him the pre-order to this new fancy schmancy game that is coming out in a week or so (I printed out the cover of the game, hence the little envelope).

He was so thrilled he drew "how happy" he was in the little envelope frame (pretty sure I won't be erasing this for awhile)...

Happy Tuesday!! I'm still in disbelief that tomorrow is September 1st but I am so excited to see what fun things this Autumn brings!!! hugs & cheek pecks! 

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  1. Awww.... I love this!! Too cute and sooo sweet!! And, I am in love with your chalk board and green walls!! I am always so excited to check your blog! We love you guys lots!

  2. Oh YAY!! I was so excited to see a comment from you Kate!! It made my Friday!! We love you more! xoxo.


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