Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fun Finds

Pug (& knitting) inspired of course...

If only  I could knit while I slept, I would knit up a few of these cuddly puggys for myself.  I ♥ them!  The pattern can be purchased from this amazing shop, Danger Crafts!

Maybe your pug needs a hat (how cute is that mush face)?!?!? I'm pretty sure Olive will be asking for one for winter this year. You can find them at Jessica Lynne Art's sweet shop!  She makes all colors (& donates some of her proceeds to a Pug Rescue!!!!) 

 & although these aren't knitted they look just as sweet. I'd love a whole chair full!  Found in Plain Jane Textile's shop!

Busy busy weekend up ahead!! Happy Friday!!!! pugs&hugs

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  1. oooh so cute!! i <3 anything pug related :) thanks for following me on my blog. i'm a new follower of yours now too :)


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