Monday, July 19, 2010

The most exciting Monday news...

I checked my usual blogs this morning to find I was a giveaway winner on one of my all time favorites: Today's Letters!!!! I won a "recommendation" spot for my Etsy shop for the whole month of August!!!!!!

That's my name!!!!!!!!!! 

To say I am excited would be an understatement!!  It is like winning the lotto but instead of being rich in money, I am rich in love & in my humble opinion love is WAY better!!

Mr. & Mrs. Loerke fill their blog with daily letters that will make you laugh, cry and "shimmy"!  They are possibly the cutest couple in the world and their daily inspirational letters will make your heart sing!
They have definitely helped me strive to make my marriage with my sweet husband stronger!   Thank you Em & Tim for making marriage fun & exciting and for being such an inspiration!!!  I am honored to have my little shop mentioned on your blog!

I usually have a mini Friday Dance Party on Fridays but this Monday will be an exception due to my overwhelming excitement!!! Monday Dance Party!!!!!! Pin It

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