Thursday, July 29, 2010

make it happen

I need to get down to business this weekend and get some stuff always gets in the way of my other work. :)
If I put it down in writing maybe I will get it all done. 

1. I want to install a pegboard above my work table in my studio, here are some pretty inspirations & a cute tutorial on how to execute it.  Organization makes me crazy giddy.

2.  I will be hitting up some flea markets and thrift stores in search of a desk for my sewing machine, maybe one big enough for both my sewing machine and my computer.  This before & after on Design*Sponge today furthered this desire.  These two examples are gorgeous!

3. & lastly I hope to make a few updates to the shop!  The creativity is flowing strong today, I just need my hands to move faster and I need a few extra hours in the day! 

My motto this week is "make it happen," so that's what I'm doing....
making it.  happen.  Back to work. xoxo.

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  1. That's a good motto. I need to write that down and stick it on my mirror. you have the cutest hair cut. If I could pull off bangs I would copy. :)

  2. You could *totally* pull off bangs!! Go for it!! I got some cut a few years back and can't stop, love them! :)


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