Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Creed & I always play a little game called "what we would buy if we won the lotto."  It's usually a weekly game (right before we check our ticket numbers) and we always come up with all sorts of fun dreamy things.  I'm a simple gal...I don't need much.  Here are a few of my usual answers...

I've always wanted a VW Van to call my own...How fun would it be to re-do the inside of one!!!

I would need a camper or RV of some sort to finally fulfill my dream of traveling around the country, pugs and husband in tow! How cute is this one?!?!

I'm pretty sure if we won the lotto Little Olive would ask for a friend...& I wouldn't mind having another one either. 

I might downsize to this tiny house...check out some of the other options from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Pretty much the cutest mini houses ever.  I want to put them in my pocket...

In other news, I just got my hair feels so much better!!  We're one day closer to the weekend! Yay!
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  1. Your hair is sooo cute! Love it.

    My husband and I realllyy like tiny houses.
    One time we looked at some of these shed things that basically looked like small houses and talked about how cute it would be to turn one into a real livable house.
    And there are some people in his hometown that have miniature houses of their real houses.
    So cute. So we loved that link you shared! :)


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