Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday photobooth fun

Iphone 4 how I love thee!  The same people that made the Hipstamatic app just released a new one: IncrediBooth!  I [heart] photobooths, they are definitely an endangered the iphone app will have to do until I hit the jackpot and can own the real deal.
The husband & I had some fun with it today.  Weekends are fun! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Festive Friday

My Mr. gets a note from me every morning before I leave to go to work, he deserves it and then some (have I mentioned he is beyond wonderful).  Well this morning I decided to spice it up a bit in honor of today being Friday - because Fridays are always something to celebrate!!  Festive Friday Banners!! So fun to make, I could have made hundreds...(and I might.)

Wish I could see his sweet face when he discovers them!!
Hope you have a magical weekend!! xoxo. Pin It

Thursday, July 29, 2010

make it happen

I need to get down to business this weekend and get some stuff always gets in the way of my other work. :)
If I put it down in writing maybe I will get it all done. 

1. I want to install a pegboard above my work table in my studio, here are some pretty inspirations & a cute tutorial on how to execute it.  Organization makes me crazy giddy.

2.  I will be hitting up some flea markets and thrift stores in search of a desk for my sewing machine, maybe one big enough for both my sewing machine and my computer.  This before & after on Design*Sponge today furthered this desire.  These two examples are gorgeous!

3. & lastly I hope to make a few updates to the shop!  The creativity is flowing strong today, I just need my hands to move faster and I need a few extra hours in the day! 

My motto this week is "make it happen," so that's what I'm doing....
making it.  happen.  Back to work. xoxo.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Olive love pug

This dog loves to love...that's her driving force in life - just to love & she's good at it.  We could all learn a lesson from her.

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This is real...

Real amazing!  I have been a vegetarian for 10 years now so it's a rare (or none existent) occasion for me to see some t-bones and get excited about it...these knitted meats by knitting artist Stephanie Casper are the exception.  They make me smile & I kinda want to hug them!  Pretty cool!!

We made it to Wednesday...the weekend is practically here already, I can feel it! Pin It

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello Monday

I accomplished a lot on my to-do list this weekend, especially on the relaxation end!  Not quite done with my studio yet but here are some sneak peeks on what I've done so far...

Next step: installing peg board above my work table for ultimate organization!  I need a "spot" for all these do-dads!  Happy Monday!  Feeling good about the week to come!

p.s. everyone should have a chalkboard wall in their house...SO FUN!  Also, I should note that I am *loving* the "garden glow" paint color.  I am a bright color person and this room makes me smile, if I could hug it I would!!! Pin It

Saturday, July 24, 2010

tiny & magic

If it isn't apparent that I am slightly obsessed with tiny things here is some more proof.  I have loved Mochi Mochi Land and their AMAZING knitting patterns for a couple of years now.   Anna Hrachovec is a knitting magician, her knitted toys and patterns are too much to handle & are more than magical!!  To see some more of her amazing handiwork check out her gallery.  She also has a new book out that is definitely going on my Christmas wish list!  BUT my most favorite is her newer "tiny" designs!! They definitely make me squeal!!! Here are some examples...I want to put all of these in my pocket!!!! So in love...

I will be back later to share some photobooth goodness!!  Pin It

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Dance Party

This song definitely puts a little pep in my step, enjoy!

My home is wherever these two are...they make waking up in the mornings exciting!

Sometimes my sweet husband surprises me with some of these...not sure if he knows it makes me feel like a million dollars.  That man can make my heart sing!

This weekend I will catch up on some sleep, knit knit knit, work on another fun t-shirt refashion, draw on my new chalkboard wall, get in lots of snuggles & most assuredly eat some chipotle and pinkberry. 

Happy Friday!! 

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Are Beautiful

I have always loved the idea behind guerilla art, especially when it comes in the form of an inspirational message.  I always seem to see or read one on a day that I especially need too.  The You Are Beautiful campaign helps inspire people all over the country & I love the simple message behind it.
Here is what the artists behind the movement have to say about it:
"We believe this message is extremely important, especially in the climate of our society today. Life is extremely challenging. Whether you are dealing with major challenges or obstacles, or just stuck in the daily grind of life, we all need positive forces out there, reminding us of our worth."
To receive your own stickers to help spread a smile, go here or make some of your own!! 

& here is some more inspirational words/street art courtesy of

You are indeed beautiful!!! Tomorrow there shall be a Friday Dance Party!!xoxo.

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This is real....

Real amazing....I mean blow my mind!  Theresa Honeywell describes herself as having "interests in the "manly arts" with a feminine twist."  Not only is she tougher than me...but she is way more amazing.  This knitted motorcycle "cozy" knocks my sad knitted socks off.  She knits a lot of other cool things as jack hammers. Check them out here.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh fall...

Is it wrong that I want Fall to come already?! (It's my favorite...)

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Creed & I always play a little game called "what we would buy if we won the lotto."  It's usually a weekly game (right before we check our ticket numbers) and we always come up with all sorts of fun dreamy things.  I'm a simple gal...I don't need much.  Here are a few of my usual answers...

I've always wanted a VW Van to call my own...How fun would it be to re-do the inside of one!!!

I would need a camper or RV of some sort to finally fulfill my dream of traveling around the country, pugs and husband in tow! How cute is this one?!?!

I'm pretty sure if we won the lotto Little Olive would ask for a friend...& I wouldn't mind having another one either. 

I might downsize to this tiny house...check out some of the other options from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Pretty much the cutest mini houses ever.  I want to put them in my pocket...

In other news, I just got my hair feels so much better!!  We're one day closer to the weekend! Yay!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thrift store finds

Here's a few goodies from my recent trip to the thrift store...

The bowl is bamboo and was once a souvenir from Florida (my birth state), there are some sweet drawings of synchronized swimmers on it, I LOVE it!

These old lunch trays are my favorite...not sure what to do with them yet but they are the loveliest color of aqua & remind me of being in elementary school. 

Containers/paint trays for the studio?!? 

& some suitcases.  Little Olive wants to go on a trip...

Oh finding treasures is so fun!!!  
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T Shirt Re-fashion

One of my newest favorite blog finds is IS•LY .  It was like finding a treasure chest full of blog post-y goodness.  She has so many awesome, creative diy projects.  I have starred pretty much every one of them in my blog reader with the hopes of going back and trying all of them for myself.  This weekend I worked on her T-shirt refashion jersey necklace!  Her tutorials are always really easy to read and follow!
& I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.  Pretty sure I am going to make one hundred of these...and everyone I know will probably get one for Christmas.  Here is the full tutorial.  Thanks Melissa for sharing all your awesome projects!!  These are some I want to do in the future:  Muumuu re-fashion, Loopy Garland and the one I definitely need to do next Sweetheart Bow t-shirt!

Happy Tuesday!! 
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Monday, July 19, 2010

The most exciting Monday news...

I checked my usual blogs this morning to find I was a giveaway winner on one of my all time favorites: Today's Letters!!!! I won a "recommendation" spot for my Etsy shop for the whole month of August!!!!!!

That's my name!!!!!!!!!! 

To say I am excited would be an understatement!!  It is like winning the lotto but instead of being rich in money, I am rich in love & in my humble opinion love is WAY better!!

Mr. & Mrs. Loerke fill their blog with daily letters that will make you laugh, cry and "shimmy"!  They are possibly the cutest couple in the world and their daily inspirational letters will make your heart sing!
They have definitely helped me strive to make my marriage with my sweet husband stronger!   Thank you Em & Tim for making marriage fun & exciting and for being such an inspiration!!!  I am honored to have my little shop mentioned on your blog!

I usually have a mini Friday Dance Party on Fridays but this Monday will be an exception due to my overwhelming excitement!!! Monday Dance Party!!!!!! Pin It

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wish List

Some current things on my wish list...I'm pretty sure I need these to make my life complete.

1. Fuji Instax mini camera

2.  The Diana Mini.  I am fairly certain I would wear this as a necklace....It's the cutest little mini camera EVER! 

3. This Knitting Clutch from etsy shop Persnickity Knits

4.  & pretty much any of the prints from Julia Pott...her illustrations blow my mind!!  Love love love them.  

I have this one (proudly hanging in my living room): 

& I will be ordering some of these:

Tomorrow I will be finishing up some knitting orders, thrift shopping, hopefully finishing up my studio re-do & working on a little tshirt remake project that I will share!  Good night weekend!

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